Crontab entries disapear

  • Hi,

    I've added an entry to my crontab to run squid-reports on a daily basis. Every few months or so, the entry disappears and i'm left with just the default pfsense entries!

    What is the correct way to add crontab entries in PF sense? I find references to doing it via config.xml, but dont find a way to apply these changes.


  • download the config.xml,
    modify it,
    restore it.

    pfSense will reboot with the new config.xml –> it applies your changes.

  • Hello,

    Or, even modify /etc/inc/ to include your entry, then Status>Filter Reload, reboot the box of course better.


  • Hi there,

    I'm getting a similar problem with a cron job I have setup and each time the embedded device reboots it will overwrite the crontab back to default.

    This may be a crappy question to ask, but it looks as though there are a few crontab entries in the config.xml file under each . Why don't these show up and would I expect my to not show up when i run crontab -l because it's running from somewhere else.


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