• Hi guys,

    Given the golden rule of never allowing direct remote root logins, I have set up a personal user account on my firewall.  It works as expected, with a couple of aggravating nuances…

    1. I have an key in $HOME/.ssh/authorized_keys -- that worked, but I had to change the key to a newer, stronger one.  I updated authorized_keys and the new key works as expected... until I reboot.  After the reboot, my old key is back in the authorized_keys file!  Ugh!  How can I make my new key persistent?

    2. I added the user account to the wheel group, but again, after every reboot, it has been removed.  How can I keep reboots from undoing the settings I put in place?


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You do not manage users and keys in the shell.

    Use the GUI. System > User Manager. Add keys in the field. Do not try to use the wheel group. Use the sudo package GUI to grant extra privileges.