Executive level reporting?

  • This is my first post here.  I did search but did not find anything that really answered my questions.

    We are looking for an executive level report that pfsense or snort (or squid) would email to a user (or various users) each day or a summary each week or month with a list of avoided or mitigated threats and hopefully various other data.  We are trying to show value of this solution to management.  Rich reporting with color charts would be great.  I know that the RRD graphing tools were removed last year - https://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?topic=107922.0

    Does anyone have any suggestions?  Thank you in advance.

  • No one has any recommendations or ideas?

  • If you are looking for this for a single site you are better off using something like a cisco firewall which can provide reporting.  If you are looking at this to provide as a solution for MSP or many locations you might be able to post a bounty though that might be difficult or costly.

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