• New here, so do not scald too hard. I tried reading up a little on the question, but I can not find an exact answer.

    So currently, I have
    1x ERPRO-8
    1x ES-48-LITE
    1x ES-24-250W + 3 APs + Unifi camers

    The Ubiquiti products work great for I need them for, but I wish they had better firewall capabilities like Pfsense. So my question is can I run Pfsense just as a upfront firewall before my router, and allow my router to act as the DHCP server and all that jazz, just so that I can have the extra security + options that Pfsense offers? Also currently I only have 150Mbps down/20Mbps up but soon I might be getting a fiber 1Gbps connection in my area so I will be switching. There is a general consensus from what I read that you would need a powerful Pfsense box to route that type of traffic, with OpenVPN, Snort and some other packages. I want to throw this thing into my server rack, so I would either use a 1U with a 8-core atom or 2u and build some type of Xeon based system for it with high clock speeds for VPN given that you can buy v2/v3 chips fairly cheap nowadays, or go scumbag mode and buy some v5 ES chips (probably total overkill).

    So anyways I know the ERPRO-8 should not have any issues with a gigabit connection, if I do build a Pfsense box, I do not want it to bog down the connection with insufficient hardware. Can anyone chime in to the best approach, again Pfsense I do not want to use as a router, just a pure firewall.

    Thanks in advance.