• Hi

    I need something like time volume restriction for a day. Something like: this IP (or User) should be able to use internet only 2h a day and only between 08:00 and 21:00.
    It is possible with pfsense? Is there somewere a howto for this?


  • Sure. Create a schedule with this time range and then apply it to a LAN rule associated with this ip address before any rule that allows access. You may need to create a rule below denying access from this ip to be sure that any other rule will allow the ip traffic.

  • https://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/Firewall_Rule_Schedules - a short summary of what to do.

    As @marcelloc mentions, be "positive" about giving the IP access during the scheduled hours (a pass rule for the scheduled "allow" hours). And have a general block rule after it, to block them at other times. That way, when the scheduled time ends, pfSense can match any remaining states that are using the rule that has just "timed-out" and can remove the states. This ensures that at the end of the scheduled time, whatever the user is doing will "just stop".

  • with this solution I can give access in the specific time period but it is not a solution for time VOLUME. Example: only 2h daily access between 08:00 und 21:00.

    or did I not understand it?

  • I guess a combination of access hours using firewall rules and then captive portal vouchers that can let users "buy" lengths of time within that period. That might be a bit difficult to let them have, e.g., 2 hours during that period and that period only. If they are issued with a bunch of CP vouchers then they could go on a splurge and use them all in 1 day. Or if you give them out daily, the user can save them one day and use them the next. Administratively you would have to give them 2 hours worth of vouchers each day which expire at the end of that day…