• The company I work for has just opened up a second location and we use AWS extensively so I'm trying to get CloudHub setup.  East coast office is running 2.2.2, West coast office is using 2.3.3.

    Using the AWS wizard on both we've configured our offices to use AWS VPN Connections successfully.  We (east coast) can reach our VPC, and they (west coast) can reach our VPC.  VPC can reach both offices.  We cannot reach their network, and they cannot reach ours.

    A: AWS
    E: EastCoast
    W: WestCoast

    A has bi-directional communication with E
    A has bi-directional communication with W
    E and W cannot communicate at all.

    We've tried static routes, dynamic routes, BGP with same ASN, BGP with differing ASN.  BGP with static, connected, or single networks.  The results are generally the same.  Our firewalls are set to allow LAN and IPSEC traffic to have unfettered access.  I checked firewall logs and don't see their LAN or WAN IPs in the deny list.

    Does anyone have experience or advice with this particular setup?

  • Are you saying you expect AWS to transit your office(s) internal "WAN" traffic thought AWS?