How ISP's are setting bandwith so easily for users and why we don't have it?

  • I always think about this. It's always very hard or impossible to do when we need to set bandwith limits or adjust speeds per user. And even though we manage to set it right something always unsatisfying.

    But when it comes to an isp, even a call center operator changes the speed with few clicks while on the phone talking to you.

    Why we don't have this easiness in firewall environments?

  • If you have a massive infrastructure to track users and each user effectively has their own firewall with bandwidth configurations, it's much easier. I'm sure they have something in-house that has costed them much money in man-hours or they're purchasing one on a subscription basis and paying dearly for it.

  • Some ISPs don't even need to do anything. Cable internet providers using DOCSIS just set a parameter in their modem configuration file and the modem handles the rate limiting. Customer upgrades to a faster tier of service? Their modem gets a new configuration file specifying the faster speeds.

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    Rate limiter in pfsense looks pretty easy to use ;)

    If your looking to rate limit inside your network use your switching infrastructure.. If your saying you limit your client to X that its not working?