Overlapping VPN

  • Hello I'm new with pfSense so please excuse my lack of knowledge.
    I'm in the situation of building a two overlapping VPNs, same remote network (same subnet) and common server on my side.

    Can this be achieved with pfSense , if anybody has a idea please let me know
    Thank you very much.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    That cannot be directly achieved with anything. Something must distinguish the remote networks. You can't solve that conflict locally. In this case, if your side has the overlap, one or both of the remote sides must perform NAT to mask the true subnet so that your side does not have a conflict.

    If you have pfSense on both sides, this is easily achieved with IPsec (Phase 2 NAT) or OpenVPN (1:1 NAT or outbound NAT). If the remote ends are out of your control, then you can't solve the problem with a single unit. You'd have to have two separate firewalls, one for each tunnel, and perform NAT on one or both before the traffic exits to the local network.

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