Troubleshooting new modem and monitoring

  • So after a few months I have finally kicked Comcast equipment out of my house. I now have a much more robust system however my final part of the network a ARRIS SURFboard SB6141 seems to not be performing same or better then the Comcast all in one according to pfsense monitoring.

    I was checking the Monitoring in pfsense and I have dramatically higher delay averages and delay std. dev (See graph below). Even tho in practice I have noticed much higher and smoother download and upload speeds from this modem then the Comcast. 
    Quality Capture
    NOTE:" I removed packet lose from the graph because I had none when the internet was connected but when I disconnect the modem it was full loss and distorted the graph. The red box is aound the new modems data.

    The large jump is when the modem was changed. It seems to have gotten pretty bad last night even tho nothing was on the network.

    So I'm not really sure what is at fault here. The modem, Comcast control over it, or possibly pfsense monitoring is not set correctly?
    I plan to give Comcast a call but figured it was worth checking out my equipment first.

    I heard that pfsense uses the next hop out of the gateway for quality check, could this hop (ip?) change and could that be what is causing the large change in delay?  Can I reset that if so?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • ARRIS  >:( >:(
    nothing  but problems since my ISP replaced the Cisco Modem with the Arris  :'( :'(