Could I have better luck with PFS on KVM versus ESXi

  • I got a tiny PC, a Zotac CI323: fanless, 2 ethernets, quadcore, AES-NI, stuck 16GB RAM and 200GB SSD, had big plans for a home VM lab and wanted to use PFS in a VM as well.  So I did that ISO image edit of VMware6 to include my required net drivers and esxi installed, PFS installed, things go great for a few weeks, then horribal intermittent packet loss, netflix buffering etc.

    so I put PFS native on it and its been flawless for months.  im sure this zotac isnt certified for ESX, so, whatever.

    also tried hyper-V, it boots the ISO but fails on tryin to run the installer.

    Im sure I can manage to get CentOS and KVM on there, but will I run into those packet losses again?

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