• Hello All!

    I have been a long time lurker that has finally decided to dive into the world of pfSense. With that being said I am looking to build a pfSense router to the AES requirements of future pfSense builds. I have searched a few of the recommendation threads but would also like a few more opinions on which direction I should go.

    Current Network Setup

    300/25 cable connection
    Nighthawk x6 with wireless disabled
    Raspberry Pi 3 running Pi-Hole
    Netgear GS700TS switch
    Ruckus R710 access point
    Hue hub

    Around 30 devices actively connected and 5 active users

    pfSense Ideas So Far

    Replace Pi-Hole with pfBlockerNG
    Incorporate Snort & ClamAV
    IPsec VPN for one user
    Future proof performance for a gigabit fiber connection when offered in my area.
    Low power build

    Ideally an ITX build that I could put in a 1U case to fit in my rack. From what I can remember Snort and ClamAV can be CPU and RAM intensive. I am also open to appliance suggestions as well.

  • Banned

    Celeron G3950 with an i340.

    ClamAV will probably disappoint you. IDS/IPS are CPU intensive but it varies greatly based on rules. Even a light ruleset will require a beefy CPU at gigabit speeds.

  • For about $10 more you can get the G4560 and you gain 500Mhz in speed and hyperthreading.