Multi-Wan and VOIP

  • OK I am new to PFsense and it is used at my new job, so i need a little help if you would?

    I have a T1 & Dsl link running into a PFsense appliance, I would like the Voip to use the T1 and the other traffic to use the DSL.

    currently most traffic is bombarding the T1, thats the problem my voip is dropping out as the bandwidth is bieng used up also i get this error whenevr the voip cuts out:

    kernel:arp: 172.16.8.XXX moved from 00:14:38:44:88:99 to 00:18:8b:gg on vr0

    I believe it is moving that appliance IE: a voip phone from one nic to another like my main server?

    then it does the same thing back to the original nic card

    I have opened all ports needed by the voip which is Jive communications.

    I have a wan,lan,opt1 for dsl

    I really like the options this PFsense allows me to use, but a bit overwhelming when it is all new and loaded with rules already…..

    do i need to just start over?

    Sorry for the limited amount of info, if you need more let me know and i will post it

    thanks in advance

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