Secure Tunnel

  • How i do config the Secure Tunnel ? such as i want to do SSL to my dns server

    my dns server in LAN ip is :
    i have ipv4 WAN  and IPV6 wan

    General Options
    Enter a description for this redirection.
    Client Mode Use client mode for this tunnel (i.e. connect to an SSL server, do not act as an SSL server).
    Listen on IP
    Enter the local IP address to bind this redirection to.
    Listen on Port
    Enter the local port to bind this redirection to.
    Select server certificate to use for this tunnel.
    Redirects to IP
    Enter the IP address to redirect this to.
    Redirects to Port
    Enter the port to redirect to.
    Outgoing Source IP
    Enter the source IP address for outgoing connections.

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