Can't get it to work

  • I can not figure this out. Here are the details:

    I have four networks: - Only for internet routing 
    on a cisco switch who's default gateway is is the internal IP address of my pfsense box
    From the 10.0.10.x network I can ping google
    however I can't load any webpages or get DNS replies (e.x. nslookup
    Static routes from pfsense:

    NAT: Tried automatic, hybrid, and manual
    I can get DNS lookups on the pfsense box and it even queries my internal servers which appear not to respond.
    Upstream from Pfsense is a ATT Fiber pace 5268ac - which doesn't support bridge mode, however the Pfsense box is in DMZ+ mode - and it actually has the public IP on the WAN interface picked up by DHCP.
    So it is odd pfsense can connect to dns servers, but no devices behind it can get a dns lookup.
    Thoughts? I keep thinking this comes back to NAT.

  • wow - i post this and like magic it starts working :) haha love it! Thanks for the magic fix forum!

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