Dual-Wan, accessing both modem's GUI

  • Evening' ladies and gents

    I have two identical modems that i am load balancing. Both are bridged, and the local IP cannot be changed. The GUI runs @ on both modems. I am able to access one of the modem's by using a rule:

    Int LAN
    Source LAN net
    Dest single host
    (advanced) gateway (WAN1)

    If i manually switch the gateway setting to WAN2, i can then access the other modem. What is a feasible option to be able to access both of them simultaneously? Im figuring some sort of NAT rule, or using virtual IP's some how. Any advice would be appreciated.

  • ttt

    any input here?

    What about a nat redirection to the 2nd interface? If something like that would work, how would it? :P

  • Would a NAT rule work?
    Int LAN, Source = *, destination =, NAT IP =
    Int LAN, Source = *, destination =, NAT IP =

    Then create the associated rules where you set the gateway for both? Substitute 10.0.0.* with whatever you use for your LAN network.

  • I could see how this could be part of what's going to need to happen, but how does it know which interface to reach?

  • I'm sorry, I totally skipped over the read about setting the rules for each gateway.

    So I can basically choose any ip in my LAN subnet, I.e and .21 and nat them to, and set a rule for the destination of .20 to point at gateway wan1 and .21 to wan2?

    What interface am I applying the rules to?

  • I actually have no idea if it works like I thought it might. I'd need to test it, but for that I would somehow need to replicate your setup.

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