Upgrade Firewall Hardware OLD –> New

  • We are currently running one Pfsense firewall on a older p4 1u machine and we would like to upgrade this to two R200 Dell machines.

    I just recieved the new machines and I would like to start installing them and doing some tests.

    But first some quick questions regarding this hardware upgrade :

    • First of all I could not find a bootable iso for a recent 1.2.1 RC1 version. The dell units require a 7.0 free BSD version.
        I could only find the snapshots which can be used for a upgrade from an older version. So I took a developer version of 1.2.1 Beta from may 2007 and upgraded this version from the console to the latest 1.2.1 RC1 snapshot

    • This all worked fine, but everytime it boots it says : A developer bootstrap is most likely in progress. Would you like to tail etc etc. I hit yes, I see somethings flash by and then I get the console.

    • I hoped this would go away when upgrading with a new snapshot, but it didn't. Can anybody tell me if there are any bootable ISO's which I can use to properly install my dell without having this developer issue?

    • Even though it has the developer message, it seems to run fine. Would it be possible to export ur currnet config and import it on the new machine? Even though this old machine is running a 1.2 stable version? Or would this be a bad idea? And would it be better to re-config everything manualy?

    Since I haven't made any settings yet, I could completely reinstall with a correct and up-to-date iso/snapshot. But like I said, there is no bootable version available. Can anybody tell me where I can find this?

  • Thanks perry it works perfectly!

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