Interface advanced dhcp client options help

  • I need some assistance with advanced DHCP client options under interfaces.

    I am using PFsense with failover WAN using 4G LTE bridge devices. They bridge the external IP to the interface on the PFSense I have labelled as WANB.

    The problem is that LTE devices receive firmware updates from the carrier or may experience brief outages and it either requires the WANB interface to be cycled up and down to get a new IP. Occassinally the interface times out gets a address.

    I need to force the interface to retry DHCP (or possibly automatically cycle the interface) any time the gateway is detected as down so that it can recover from those scenarios.

    Any time WANA has been up for more than a week or so, WANB is usually no longer in a good state and can't carry the site when WANA eventually goes offline for a period of time because at some time during that week WANB either got a new address or was out long enough that DHCP gave up.

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