Bridge public IPblock to interface and keep second IPblock with traditional NAT

  • I am in a situation where I need to scrap off bandwidth before I hand it over to my corporate routers.  As stupid as it sounds, Corporate only wants a 20Mbs connection.  I can only get a 60Mbs connection in my area. I was given two ip blocks from the ISP.  Problem being that they only provide one Ethernet connection for both blocks.  I want to hand off one block to corporate on one interface and limit it to the 20Mbs and use the remaining bandwidth for my own internal network on a standard LAN interface. 
    I am looking for some help regarding this setup

    PFSense 2.3.4

    Statics given to me from ISP
    Network 1: /29
    Usable IPs: - 142
    Subnet Mask:

    Network 2: /29
    Usable IPs: - 190
    Subnet Mask:

    Connect from ISP switch
    interface FastEthernet0/1
    interface Vlan10
    ip address
    ip address

    The setup I am trying to accomplish:
    WAN <network1>DMZ
    WAN <nat network2="">LAN

    Systems in the DMZ should be using public IPs as static from network1

    I believe that I should use a bridge for network1 but not sure how to still access the public IPs of network2 for my personal LAN</nat></network1>

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