One Way Traffic on Site-to-Site IPSEC (Both pfSense Endpoints)

  • I've setup a site-to-site IPSEC VPN using pfSense at both endpoints. The tunnel is established, but traffic only seems to flow one-way.

    Setup is like this:

    OfficeA  –----->(internet)------->  OfficeB                  

    The tunnel is setup on OfficeA. From any PC on the OfficeA LAN I can access resources on the OfficeB LAN. But from the OfficeB LAN, I can't see any of the OfficeA resources. In testing, I've setup firewall rules on the IPSEC interface to allow all traffic from all sources, but the result was the same.

    Things that may be of consequence:

    • OfficeA is using a dynamic public IP

    • OfficeB is using a dual-WAN setup

    I would appreciate any ideas. Thanks!

  • I have run into this same issue on my 6 site vpn setup I can access all of the sites from my main location and from some of the sites I cannot access the main site..

    I only have pfsense at the main location so I believe its something to do with firewall rules.

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