Assigned static IP's, same MAC w/several interfaces and subnets, all show online

  • Folks,

    CAUTION: Noob Alert

    running pfSense CE v2.3.4 (amd64)
    have a four port Intel Pro 1000 NIC

    I've assigned static IP's to one laptop across several interfaces and subnets,

    LAN  12:23:34🆎bc:cd  Laptop
    OPT1  12:23:34🆎bc:cd  Laptop
    OPT2  12:23:34🆎bc:cd  Laptop

    The reason is if there is a problem in one part of the network, I can just plug in the laptop to a switch and get an IP, as all three subnets do not have a DHCP pool or range assigned for security or my peace of mind - IOT stuff and kids. And yes MAC's can be spoofed, so it's not entirely foolproof. (need to get another single port Intel NIC for guests)

    Though when I check the Status/DHCP Leases the laptop is shown as online on all three interfaces and subnets. Yet it is only connected to one - LAN.

    I changed the static MAC of the OPT2 interface for the laptop and then it no longer showed an online status with the OPT2 assigned IP. Change the MAC back and it's back online. Didn't try on OPT1 or LAN.

    Don't know if this is a bug or a feature. Though I would prefer the online status to only show which interface and IP the laptop is currently connected to, while the other interfaces and IP's should show it in an offline status.

    Maybe I'm missing something here, and if so please point it.

    Thank You

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