SmoothWall Caswell UTM-300

  • Hi Everyone,

    I have SmoothWall Caswell UTM-300 device and would like to load up the latest version of pfsense.I checked the BIOS  there was not an option to boot from USB.I have also searched on the Internet for any pfsense installation and configuration but so far no luck.

    Could someone be so kind to help me?

    Thank you in advance

  • Netgate Administrator

    Do you know what the actual Caswell model number is for that?

    I'd be surprised if it couldn;lt be made to run on that. Have you checked the USB drive boots on something else?


  • I just did this with a SmoothWall UTM-300 (Caswell CAR-3030), with AMI v4.6.5 BIOS. I don't remember the exact menu names, but the boot order setting were on a "Boot" labeled screen/section. I downloaded the USB memstick installer image for pfSense 2.3.4 and wrote it to USB flash drive with Rufus. Plugged in one of the front USB ports and keyboard in the second USB port. There is a VGA port on the back of the unit. Hooked up monitor and had pfSense installed in a few minutes. For now, the SmoothWall drive was swapped out for a lower capacity SSD. But I don't expect to look back. Great piece of kit for pfSense!
    Let me know if you're stuck and I'll try to get some screen grabs.

  • You can grab the CAR-3030 Series User's Manual here (slightly too large to attach to post). BIOS configuration instructions begin on page 34. For Boot / Boot Priority settings, see pages 41-43. If there are no USB options in Boot Priority, maybe you have an older AMI BIOS version? Not sure where one would look for BIOS updates for these systems…
    You might try writing a pfSense image to an old CF (Compact Flash) card, and inserting it in the CF slot inside the CAR-3030 chassis. Configure BIOS to boot from CF and try installing pfSense to your hdd/ssd if you prefer.

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