2.3.3 p1 & 2.3.4 unstable connection

  • I have been experiencing a high degree of packet loss and total connection drop outs that started sometime after upgrading to 2.3.3 p1. Today I upgraded to 2.3.4 in an effort to resolve the issue; to no avail. I thought this was an issue with the modem at first; but after replacing it I can see I was wrong. My ISP says they are "seeing high numbers on the other side of the modem" and say that my problem is my router. They initially thought it was my modem as well. This is why they sent out a replacement. I am not very familiar with troubleshooting on pfsense. Any guidance on how to diagnose this issue is greatly appreciated.

  • Same issue here with the same versions.

    I replaced my computer to another new one after did a lot of tests and still having unstable connetion. I use multi WAN here.

  • Turns out the tech who said I was having router issues was a little less than "spot on". I swapped out my pfsense with a dd-wrt I had around and got the same issues. A complete cable replacement from the pole to my home including a repair to the cable inside and I am good to go. Pfsense wasn't the cause of this issue; but rather, was a scape goat for a tech who was out of ideas…

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