Passwd not working / change lost after reboot *Solved*

  • Hello,
    i use 2.3.3-RELEASE-p1 and have user only with the Effective Privileges  User - System: SSH tunneling / User - System: Shell account access.
    If they change the password with passwd works fine and login with the new password work
    but after reboot the old password is use that i set when i create the user in the webui.
    When the user have the Privileges "WebCfg - System: User Password Manager" the user can change the password in the webui and the password is sill the new one after reboot.
    Password change with passwd don't work.

  • That is correct behavior. The "passwd" file of users, groups and passwords is rebuilt from the pfSense config.xml users and groups at boot time.

    Changes like this that you make in the "underneath" FreeBSD are not preserved.

    The principle of pfSense configuration is that the "master" version of all config is managed from the webGUI and stored in config.xml. That is applied to the running system at boot time, and at run time as you make changes (add/change delete users, aliases, firewall rules…)

  • Ok, thanks.

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