Failed upgrade from 2.3.3_1 to 2.3.4

  • Up to now, I've never had a problem upgrading pfsense, but this time it was a major cluster f*ck. The upgrade was started from the webgui. It progressed steadily, if rather slowly, then stopped completely. After a leaving it for quite a while, it seemed to be hung. Then the console started issuing errors that a snort db file was locked. (We have been experiencing periodic stoppages of snort.) I killed the update and rebooted. pfsense seemed to come back to life (running 2.3.3_1) but a while later, we noticed that ssh and unbound were not running and would not start. In the log, it appeared that unbound was left partially updated, so no surprise it was broken. I tried to disable unbound to enable the forwarder. I could not, due to an error. I tried to gitsync, but that failed because there was no dns. I manually set the dns and that enabled pfsense to install gitsync and attempt a sync. The sync completed, but pfsense would not reboot. It was hung at the console, appearing to accept commands, but not executing them, so I rebooted it from the hyper-v manager. It rebooted but was still not working, so I tried another gitsync. It took a very long time, but it worked and it was updated to 2.3.4. I didn't even have to restore the config backup.

  • It ran overnight. Seems to be running properly, except that unbound has restarted 40 times this morning alone. (The log could only hold messages since this morning.) I'll post about this in the dns forum.

  • Unfortunately, there are no log messages remaining that would explain what happened. System / General is swamped with snort messages. DNS Resolver is swamped with messages from umbound repeatedly restarting.

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