Random packet loss storm mystery

  • ugh where to begin…

    So for the past couple of months I have been getting situations of packet loss storms, or complete loss of internet connectivity. The time between these can vary from a week to a month.

    On two occasions of loss of internet when I was away I called the ISP to reboot the ONT which has resolved the problem. On another occasion I rebooted pfsense which fixed it. Most recently I have just been pulling the WAN ethernet cable for 5s to fix it.

    The most recent incident was today where it looked like packet loss was slowly ramping up. Interestingly CPU usage was high at the time via "pkg update" command (shown on CPU Activity). All i did was pull the WAN cable for 5s and things were back to normal after I plugged it back in.

    Seeing this behavior I have bought another NIC to swap in for WAN side since simply pulling the cable a few secs fixes it. If that doesn't do it I'll swap the cable as well. It's a 100ft run which is why I haven't swapped it already.

    Just wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what to look at or try on this.

    I'm running pfsense 2.3.3 on an Optiplex Pentium D 3.00ghz.

    EDIT: Eventually discovered it was an issue with the LAN cable terminations. Redid them and everything has been peachy.

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