IPSec tunnel to Meraki does not come back up after internet outages

  • Hello,

    Has anyone had any luck establishing VPN tunnels to Meraki routers?

    I set up a tunnel to a Meraki router, which works OK, except when the internet goes down on either end.

    When internet connectivity is restored, the tunnel shows it is up, but traffic doesn't flow over it any longer.  I have to disable/reenable the tunnel to get it to come back up.  There's no option to configure DPD at all on the Meraki, either.

    What is MerakiOS, is it a modified version of OpenWRT?

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    I currently have a pfSense VM running in a cloud environment that I use to connect back to 20+ locations that are all on Cisco Meraki MX series devices. Do you have static IP's on both ends? I have static IPs at most all locations. The sites that don't have a static ip address we refer to from pfsense by their dynamic DNS address provided by Merkai. Haven't had any issues with the VPN re-connecting after a power outage.

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