HA with 4G LTE or DSL?

  • Hi. Have a client about to go live with a cloud service that replaces their key line of business application. Since having the internet up is crucial, I am looking to add a 2nd cost effective internet connection for redundancy. They have a Netgate Pfsense SG-2440. Their current internet provider is Spectrum Business. Speed is 50/20.  They do not have a public static IP address.

    I was thinking of using Verizon DSL, but they only offer DSL 3Mbps down/768Kbps up for my client's building.

    My other option is 4G LTE, which, theoretically, depending on coverage (client is NYC), should be much faster than Verizon's DSL.

    I'm leaning toward 4G LTE for HA. Not looking to load balance, only HA. Any thoughts on this (pros, cons, experiences, tips, etc.) would be appreciated. Really would prefer something that is reliable and supported by pfsense–plug in, configure HA and go. I'm a bit done workarounds at this point.  4G LTE device suggestions for this scenario also appreciated.


  • I think you need to investigate 4G-LTE modem speeds on pfSense&FreeBSD, They are not so fast.

    Plus beyond speed lacking I think you need to consider -How is your cell provider going to like you sharing service with many clients in a commercial setting? I use a handful of client machines behind my mobile broadband but I hesitate recommending it for a business setting.

    I would consider Sierra LS450 the fastest cellular solution. A business solution you can tie into your pfSense HA configuration.

    Cradlepoint makes a cheaper business model which works good too.

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