Video Card issues

  • Hi,
    I'm new to pfSense and FreeBSD. I'm running the following hardware:

    1 Dell R620 with iDRAC7 Enterprise
    1 NVidia GT 720
    1 NetGear DVI kvm switch
    1 StarTech 1080P Console

    I'm sure this is an issue more so with FreeBSD rather than pfSense. The problem I'm having is when I boot pfSense it does detect the NVidia card, but defaults to the on board VGA card. If I disable the on board VGA card through BIOS pfSense will default and boot to the NVidia card, but doing so kills the iKVM feature of the iDRAC7 Enterprise and getting into BIOS. I know this is a simple resolve with a windows based OS, but since pfSense does not have a console GUI so to speak and I know nothing about linix or unix , so how do I go about adding a driver or something from the CLI as I want to use the 1080P Console KVM and still be able to monitor the R620 from the iDRAC 7. Not to mention not having to disconnect all the cables from the R620 and pull it out of the rack to pop the battery back up to reset the BIOS so I can boot to BIOS using the on board VGA as the Dell BIOS won't allow the NVidia card to see BIOS info through anything but the on board VGA in the event of a boot failure..

    Any help is appreciated..

    Thank in advance

  • Perhaps… just remove the nvidia card?

    I see no reason to install a consumer hardware on a server. If this is about the dvi kvm use an adapter or the vga port on the console.

    You have the idrac, serial port, ssh, webgui, to be honest you won't spend too much time on the pfsense screen once is running.

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