Slow SQUID LDAP Authentification

  • I can't figure out why the squid LDAP authentification is too slow, it take about 3 minutes to login and then the internet browsing  is normal.

    Below is my config (SQUID V 0.4.36_3)

    Authentication Method : LDAP

    Authentication Server : 192.168.X.X

    Authentication server port 389

    Authentication Processes : 3

    Authentication TTL : 5

    LDAP version  3


    LDAP Password  : •••••••

    LDAP Base Domain  : DC=Exemple ,DC=NET

    LDAP Username DN Attribute : sAMAccountName

    LDAP Search Filter :(sAMAccountName=%s)

    Please Help.

  • Hi dude,
    i`m on same problem. I cant figure out till now.

    Have you ever been able to solve this problem?

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