Console Terminal Blank After Connect - Is it bricked?

  • My parents have an SG-1000. I manage all their stuff remotely. Not sure what happened today, but router does not work-unable to connect to WebGUI. I had someone plug in a computer directly to modem so I can Teamviewer in - and I am now trying to connect through Console port. I have all proper settings in Putty, when I click open, I just get blank screen. Is this device bricked?

  • Okay - was using wrong USB cable. Now I see terminal output. Now, however, after bootup, there are no options. The terminal just goes blank and pressing keys does not do anything.

    I get a message…"Welcome to      (Patch)....

    and then some output, but the last line is just an empty cursor.

  • If you are using the console you may set up first on all three or four points the right numbers;

    • On your appliance (in the BIOS)
    • Serial/COM Port of your PC (if available)
    • Putty (on Windows)
    • pfSense (no need because its the default setting)

    The default serial console settings in pfSense 2.2 and later are 115200/8/N/1, meaning:
    Speed: 115200
    Data Bits: 8
    Parity Bits: None
    Stop Bits: 1

    The you could be sure to get out the right output in the console (read able)!

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