Link internal host to external (v)ip

  • Hi,

    Not quite new to PFSense but one thing I can't seem to get working  8)

    I have several public IP's. Because I run a mail server, I want to link an external IP to the internal IP so that ALL OUTBOUND traffic of this specific host on the LAN goes through that specific virtual IP. (Otherwise it will be marked as spam).

    Now, I've experimented with Outbound NAT, putting it in manual mode, specifying the internal host and the VIP, which in turn is totally ignored and outbound traffic is still routed through the base IP I entered as WAN IP for PFSense. It's getting frustrating so I though I'd ask the experts to help out.

    Can someone please explain to me how I can achieve this?

    Huge thanks in advance!

  • Never mind, I just found my solution. I did do the 1:1 NAT but previously made some additional rules that were interfering. Deactivating them solved the problem.

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