SOLVED! SQUID (51) Network is unreachable

  • Hi

    Im new to pfsense and have some trouble with the squid package. I switched from IpCOP.

    I installed squid as transparent proxy with no special options.
    We get while surfing the internet very often (maybe every 6th or 10th page) the erroer message "(51) Network is unreachable". (Without squid there is no problem.) Normaly it is enoungh the press the "reload" button to fix the problem, but that isn't very comfortable.

    What can I do to fix that problem?


  • Hi

    i found the problem.
    The NIC!
    I used cheap LONGSHINE LCS-8037TXR cards with Realtec RTL8169SC chipset. With these cards the ethernet connection always went down and up.
    Now I bought 3 new INTEL PRO1000GT and all problems are gone.


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