PfSense behind pfSense inside a VM.

  • Hi All

    Looking for some guidance on how better to achieve this.

    I've had pfSense running for a year now and looking to create a 2nd pfsense network where I whitelist selected internet traffic, but would like to allow the outer LAN PCs to connect to the inner LAN for things like RDP and file sharing.

    I've kind of got this going by setting a gateway + static route on the outer pfsense and using Advanced Outbound NAT on the inner pfsense install.

    I can't yet resolve host names via DNS, only by IP.
    On my workstation I can access the internal pfsense by it's WAN address but I can't access it via its internal address.

    Here is the layout:

    Inner WAN rules

    Inner LAN rules


  • Anybody able to comment on a better setup?

  • You need a static route for the inner network pointing to pfSese on your workstation.
    If you use a DHCP you may set the DHCP server to push the route to all clients.

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