Dual setup; WAN with NAT and Bridge (modem)

  • Hi,

    Just wanted to share this for reference but also for feedback. I didn't see this documented anywhere, but maybe for good reason ;)

    I have a WAN with an External IP statically configured for it. The pfSense box routes multiple LANs and a DMZ with normal NAT and firewall.
    Now I had this situation where another party needed to use their own router behind the same connection. Since I have two /29 blocks of IP's I thought that must be possible. Double NAT is out of the question, so I needed to bridge an external IP over the WAN interface (the only incoming UTP) to another interface on which the other router resides.

    Let's say I have the blocks and

    Now what I've done is create a bridge between WAN and OPT5 and give it one of the external IP's;
    I gave the other router and set as the gateway. (Using this small subnet is not normal practice, but seems no problem when no other hosts are in the network…)

    I removed all NAT rules for this IP address and allowed all traffic (firewall) to and from the other router.

    This works great! I now have a dual setup on one pfSense box; Normal NAT for LANs and a bridge for another external router.

    So, have I done this properly or should I configure it differently? Thanks.

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