Basic VLAN question

  • I am sorry if this question is extremely basic, but I have not been able to find a straightforward answer to my newbie question.

    I need to create a VLAN as my provider broadcasts IPTV via a VLAN with a specific ID.

    I have a 4 Intel NICs on my pfSense server. I use one NIC for WAN and one for LAN, so two NICs are available for use.

    My question is if VLANs are created on the existing LAN or if you create a new LAN interface for the VLAN? That is should my wiring remain as is with my WAN and LAN interfaces intact or should I add new cables as per below?

    Thanks in advance.

    +–--------------------+                +--------------+              +--------------+
        |                      +----WLAN------->|              |              |              |
        |  Fiber Converter    |                |              -----LAN-------->              |
        |                      +----WAN-IPTV--->|              |              |              |
        +----------------------+                |  pfSense      ----VLAN-IPTV-->  Switch    |
                                                |              |              |              |
                                                |              |              |              |
                                                |              |              |              |
                                                |              |              |              |
                                                +--------------+              +--------------+

  • With the information given, I would say you won't be needing extra cabling.
    Your vlans are actually (always) on top of a physical nic. You can try that in pfSense without breaking anything.
    IIRC: got to interfaces -> assign. Then goto vlan. Create a vlan. you will be asked a vlan id (tag), and a parent interface. (take wan for example)
    Once you've done that, you can create a new interface in the interface assigment, using the vlan interface.

    In your situation, the vlan will be on top of the wan interface (tagged), and the wan itself still exists untagged.
    The same can be done for the other side, though additional config could be needed here (thinking on how that iptv thing works? can it handle routing? does it need NAT? …)

    Didn't you get any documentation from your ISP?

  • Thank you for the quick response and very useful advise.
    Unfortunately my ISP (Com Hem) does not provide instructions as they do not support any hardware other than their own wifi-router. I have however found guides on how to set up IPTV services with other providers, so I will try to those together with your advice not to add additional cabling. I will report back here once I have done so.

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