Connect two subnets

  • Hi all,

    I have the following setup to configure:

    Subnet <–-LAN> Pfsense <--WAN> Subnet

    On both subnets I have a Windows server 2008R2 platform to check the with pinging the routing between the two subnets.

    To make life a bit more easier I have turned off firewall on the pfSense and on both Windows-servers. However I;m unable to ping from subnet to and vice versa.
    I already have tried to add static routes to my pfSense, but no progress. Now the noob-questions:

    • Do I need to add a static route on the windows-platform of the subnet to ping to the PfSense (such as route add MASK When I do this my TRACERT gets stuck at the default gateway
    • How should I configure the static route in the pfSense such that I can route between both subnets?

    Thank you for the help!

  • Since both subnets are connected to pfSense, there is no static route needed on pfSense.
    You only need a static route on computers on which pfSense isn't set as default gateway, otherwise the packets are directed to the gateway. Is it on both servers?

  • I have no static route configured on both pc's. But both are having pfsense as default gateway Strange thing is thst when i use ping from the gateway itself i can ping both subnets.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    And what rules did you put on the opt interface?  Are these machines/devices running in the different network running their own local firewall - that would be blocking the other network?

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