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  • I am looking to get a pfsense box however netgate has high shipping rates and then I have to pay duties and the poor exchange rate. There is one Canadian website that sells they how ever don't carry the sg2220. Any suggestions on alternative?

    Looking to run  Suricata along with squid.  With all the changes coming I want to be ready.  Looking to spend no more then 300CND

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    edit : would be a good place to start, since you are already on

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  • I am in Canada, and just took delivery of a SG-2440 directly from Netgate. I can tell you exactly what I paid, and the problem is our exchange rate. Not anything Netgate can do about that.

    The SG-2440 was 549.00 plus 36.84 shipping. Total $585.84 USD.

    In Canada Dollars:

    American Express for the Invoice: $812.22
    UPS Broker Fee: $10.00
    HST: 97.59

    Total $919.81

    Note there is no Duty, and I get the HST back as a business.. Netgate ships premium UPS so the brokerage is only $10, very reasonable.

    Edit: So I don't think you will find a SG-2440 for less than $822.22CAD delivered in Canada unless the exchange rates gets better. Please let me know if you do.

  • Hey all.

    We are a Canadian Netgate partner. We are stocking SG-1100, SG-3100, and SG-5100 models.

    Our web store:


    Weehooey Inc.

  • Finally. I've complained in the past that the Canadian resellers are basically just VARs that have no interest in selling Netgate units unless they're part of a larger solution.

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