Noob Question :: Interfaces with same IP Range

  • Hi!

    I knew this was covered a few times but i do not find a solution for my case so maybe you guys can help.
    I am trying to evaluate pfSense for my private network because i wanna use static routes or QoS for some traffic with my 2 different ISP.

    So i did now setup a VMWare with 3 NIC bridged to my PC NIC what works good so far.
    The Range i am Working on is 192.168.0.X.
    What i am trying to do is the following:
    LAN - IP: - Gateway: None
    WAN_1 - IP: - Gateway:
    WAN_2 - IP: - Gateway:

    So the Gateways are both up and running and work fine (2 physical routers).
    But if i try to save the above configuration it keeps saying: "IPv4 address … is being used by or overlaps with..."
    What i learned from other threads is that this is because of the IP range...
    But how am i able to do the setup i want to?
    Do i have to move the routers/gateways to a complete different range?

    I am not that super network guy but from a simple technical point of view i think it should work in the same range since the IP is not used multiple times and on one range multiple interfaces should be able to live in peace because they have different addresses :)


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    you have your wan and lan on the same network??  Yeah its borked.. ;)

    So you have 2 different isp routers that use the same network as well?  If you want 2 wan connection from 2 different isp routers, use different networks.  And your lan needs to be a different network than either of those as well.

  • Thx for the fast reply.
    OK so if i do this i maybe have to relocate stuff…

    Just thinking:
    At the moment both routers are running of the same switch, so if i simply give each of them a new IP from another range deactivate DHCP on the one serving as DHCP Server right now activate DHCP within pfSense it should work?!
    I think/hope so :)

    Thing is i have a Windows server running that can run pfSense but that one has not so many physical NIC´s and also is located at an odd spot...
    So i really like to keep the physical setup and just play around with settings. :)

    By the way:
    If you wonder why i have 2 ISP with 2 routers at the same network.
    One is fast but with high latency thats used for downloads and stuff, one is "slow" but with lightning fast latency and stability thats used for work and games.
    I am switching Gateway to the "slow" one manually by simply editing network settings on my work and game machine :)

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    what switch, can it do vlans?

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Well that is useless switch.. Either get a 2nd dumb switch or get a smart one that support vlans so you can isolate your 2 wan connections and put them on different networks.. Why do you have them connected to a switch anyway.  Can you not just directly connect your isp device to pfsense interface?

    If possible bridge this isp device so you directly get a public IP on pfsense.  Or use 2 different transit networks..

    BTW - work updated to visio 2013, wow the icons are ugly ;)

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