Dropping leftover CISCO connections.

  • I have a Cisco 2811 at EOL for which I've got to move a few remaining IPSec connections off Cisco and onto a PFSense.  I don't have control of the remote's configurations, but I know what the configurations are and have built corresponding configurations on the pfSense.  The pfSense Version is up to snuff.

    Both the LAN subnets and the WAN subnets are each the same /24 subnets for both the Cisco and the pfSense.

    How can I allow 2 IP addresses in the same subnet for the WAN? (the pfSense and the Cisco have 2 different IP addresses in the same subnet)  Similarly, How can I allow both the old Cisco and the pfSense IPs co-exist in the same LAN subnet?  (192.168.X.0/24).  Is there a way to change pfSense configuration so that it won't complain about 2 IPs in the same subnet?    What's a good solution?

    Thanks All!

  • Not sure what you are asking. If the devices have different IPs within the same subnet, that's no problem. If you want to remove the Cisco and have the pfSense answer on the Cisco's IPs, then add them as virtual ips. Normally, I'd program the new firewall with the old firewalls IPs, shut down the old one and power up the new one.

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