Dual Lan

  • I need a very basic configuration: LAN 1 going to my switch and LAN2 going to my wifi network
    I do the initial setup wan and lan1 everything ok, then I add LAN2 with his own dhcp server ( on lan1 and on lan2) and no more internet…
    I'm not a professional but the dhcp server configuration looks good, is there some System Turnables or Firewall options needed?

    Thanks everyone :)

  • Configuring something internal as is just very bad practice.

  • I think what the prior person was getting at is, 12. is publicly routable.  To make things easier you should use 10.1.0.X  and 10.2.0.X  or something like 192.168.100.x and 192.168.200.x.  These are all locally routable and will minimize issue.

  • You guys are right! I missed it, but even with I have the same issue :/

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