Single External IP –> Multiple Internal IP

  • Hi All

    I am new to pfsense, Is there any possibilities to NAT single external IP to multiple internal IP.

    Like Below

    External IP :Port    Internal IP:Port : 22  –> -->    --->


  • Yes, Pfsense can do that

  • Any procedures Please

  • For port 22

    Firewall->Nat->Port Forward

    Interface = WAN

    Protocol = TCP

    Destination = This Firewall

    Destination Port Range - From = Any
    Destination Port Range - To = Other / Custom = 22 || To port= SSH

    Redirect Target IP =

    Redirect Target Port = Other / Custom = 22 ||  Port = SSH

    Description = SSH Port Forward

    Leave everything else as is and Save.

    Repeat for the others changing only the ports and Internal IP's and description.

  • That's a much better answer than the first reply. Kudos Marjohn56

  • Thank u marjohn56, I made mistake WAN address previously, now it is working thank you very much

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