DHCP Relay Qs?

  • I have some questions about DHCP Relay and DNS (and then some):
    This page describes what Im doing: http://tomdavidson.wik.is/How_To/Home_Net

    1. Can the DHCP relay relay the extra options needed for LinuxMCE and OpenQRM?
    2. How does the physical and logical connection need to be for the relay to work? Looks like it doesnt have to be up stream, put in the proxy address?
    3. Will the DNS service work a crossed the networks? Such as a host in the DC being a crossed by host name from a PC on the HAN?
    4. How do I share network resource a crossed networks?
            * IE say I have a big file server that I want both dcBAN and HAM to be able to use?
            * Need to make it so traffic doesnt have to go through the router?
            * Can I get this down and still use a split horizon DNS so I can access the dcFAN via host name from the HAN?

    Looking forward to some brilliant insights :)

  • This page describes what Im doing: http://tomdavidson.wik.is/How_To/Home_Net

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  • Sorry, finally getting back to this project. Got the permissions fixed:

    Its clear I need more help that with just DHCP, but sticking to DHCP…
    If a host is statically defined rather than DHCP client, does the host name get registered in pfsense DNS server?


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