Freeradius2 1.7.8_1 private key password

  • Hi everyone,

    After updating freeradius package to 1.7.8_1, the service failed to start. Log shows error

    "rlm_eap: SSL error error:0906406D:PEM routines:PEM_def_callback:problems getting password"

    after manually editing the eap.conf, to add the password of the private key it works fine.

    I can't remember what the previous WedGUI was like for freeradius and whether it had a password field or not as it ran fine for years without messing with anything. Is there something obvious I'm missing on the WebGUI to enter the password?

    My concern is that the eap.conf file will get overwritten every time I make a change to a setting on freeradius, or future updates to freeradius will fail because of the manual edit.

    The reason I have a password on the key is because I'm not using the pfsense box as my CA.

    Thanks for any pointers you can give me.


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