Timeouts on route to second pfsense

  • Hi,

    i'm running two pfsense 2.3.4 boxes in my network:

    ISP <wan>pfsense 1 <lan>pfsense 2

    The second pfsense is placed in my neighbours house to build a separate lan.
    In first instance lan1 and lan2 should be able to communicate with each other.
    Later on we are planning to define some firewall rules to only share access to some servers.

    The current configuration is as follows:

    pfsense 1 WAN  ISP static IP
    pfsense 1 LAN1

    pfsense 2 WAN via DHCP (static mapping in pfsense 1)
    pfsense 2 LAN2

    To be able to talk between both lan adresses i added a static route in pfsense 1:

    Gateway: Neighbour -
    Interface: LAN

    On pfsense 2 i added two firewall rules:

    1. WAN
      Protocol IPv4 *
      Source *

    Protocol IPv4 *
    Source LAN net
    Destination *

    NAT was disabled on pfsense 2.

    Devices on pfsense 2 LAN have full access to the internet.
    Devices on pfsense 1 LAN have full access to the pfsense 2 LAN and the pfsense 2 admin interface (good).

    The problem:
    As soon as i put a little more traffic on this route (by coping 50MB via SMB from pfsense1 lan to pfsense 2 lan) the connection times out.
    After a short period it's getting available again. Also when using the admin interface on pfsense2 there are occasionally timeouts (just for a few seconds).

    Help is very welcome!


  • In case it helps others:
    I solved this by adding a new firewall rule on pfsense 1 LAN1 with state sloppy.

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