Failover WAN between 2 WANs and static route on third WAN

  • Hello everyone,

    I am having a production box at one of the remote location. So I need to be very sure before I implement any changes. Here's my setup :

    PFsense version 2.2.3. Three WAN connections :

    WAN A  –-- primary default WAN  (static IP)
    WAN B ------ backup WAN    (static IP)
    WAN C ------ connected to other branch through a fiber cable. Traffic to should only pass through this. It has it's own dns (10.x.x.x) server. The normal internet traffic should never go through this.

    This is how I am planning to do the setup :

    Step 1 :  In System--Routing---Gateway group

    a)  AUp
                  WAN A  ----    Tier 1
                  WAN B  ----    Tier 2
                  WAN C    ----  Never

    Trigger when  ---  Member down

    b)  BUp
                  WAN A  ---- Tier 2
                  WAN B  ----- Tier 1
                  WAN C ----- Never
          Trigger when  -----  Member down

    Step 2 :  System---Routing----Static Route

    Destination : 
                    Gateway    : WAN C

    Step 3  :  Firewall ---- LAN Rule

    Rule 1

    destination : WAN C net
                      Gateway    : WAN C Gateway

    Rule 2

    destination  : any
                      Gateway : AUp

    Rule 3

    Destination : any
                        Gateway : BUp

    Step 4 : System----ADvanced---- Miscellaneous

    Tick switch default gateway

    Tick  reset states                  ( I read in the forum this is  required when WAN A comes back live after a failover. )

    Step 5 : System ----- General

    DNS 1        WANA DNS
                  DNS 2        WANB DNS

    Is there any thing else I need to take care. Please suggest. I need to make these changes ASAP.

    Thank You,


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