Some wrong with the firewall rule to Set the Internet time

  • Hello,

    I use pfSense 2.3.4-RELEASE (amd64) built on Wed May 03 15:13:29 CDT 2017 .

    I add a Schedule(18:00-22:00) in the rule "Default allow lan to any".

    But I found that the game can still keep connect to internet after 22:00.

    I list the situation below:

    IF the PC start the game before 22:00 then the internet will keep connect.

    But if the PC start the game after 22:00 then the PC can't connect to internet.

    In firewall rule there was no traffic in "states", but i can see traffic of the PC in "Status–>Traffic Graph" with interface set lan.

    Please help

  • To prevent that behavior, you need to make all scheduled rules be pass rules - so put a scheduled pass rule for the trafic during the hours that you want it to pass. Then after that put a block rule for the same traffic without any schedule.

    Then pfSense will know all the states that match the scheduled pass rule, and when the pass rule scheduled time finishes, pfSense will remove those states - so the traffic will stop.

  • Thank you.

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