Host override for YOutube

  • Good day people. I just want to know if there is a way to host override for YouTube by IP instead of a whole network in DNS resolver? I just want to be able to do the kids PC's and make sure it safesearch for youtugbe as it would if you add it the the host override in the DNS resolver and not every device on the network
    I also don't want to block the whole site just some of the stuff a 5-8 year old should not be watching.

  • I don't know if that kind of control/rule would even be possible within pfSense, yes you can probably do some kind of control/rule by the IP/MAC of the computer they use, but if that computer is also the same one you use then the control/rule would also affect you as well.

    Doing a search for YouTube parental controls shows there is a complete guide to do some control at YouTube. ref;

    Please realize that whatever controls/rules you set up at home will not apply when they're at school, friends or elsewhere.

    Take Care and Enjoy

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