Will Power Cycling pfSense reset arp cache?

  • I changed the switch to my internal ssh box before going out of town. I am now locked out. I believe it's related to the arp cache. I have no other network access. Can I have my son power cycle pFSense to clear the arp cache? What about power cycling either the switch or the ssh box?

    Alternatively, what would be the easiest way to reset the arp on my ssh box without giving him the passwords. (My ssh box is running Ubuntu 16.04)

    Many Thanks.

  • Why do you think it has anything todo with arp?

  • I am using DHCP (based on Mac addresses) to assign static IP's. I had a similar issue before.  Only way I could clear it up, was to go into PF sense and cancel/release the Arp address associated with the IP address.

  • What about using a remote assist app with your son. Like teamviewer etc
    This way you can get access to your internal network to resolve the issue without the need to give the password.

  • pfSense seems to have a 20min arp cache and most client systems are about 60 seconds. If you think the issue is the arp cache, just wait 20 minutes. If the problem doesn't resolve after 20min, then it's not the arp cache.

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