VLAN forward/pipe/bridge to specific igb/em port

  • I am living in the Netherlands and using a fibre provider for my internet, phone and television. Internet and television are working fine.
    However the phone VLAN needs to be redirected to the providers box (connection details are unknown).

    As far as I have read right now this is in a L2 switch done by tagged forward?!?

    I would like to do this in pfsense since I am using a Qotom with 4 eth ports (where I use 1 for WAN, 1 for LAN and preferably 1 for phone tagged forward).
    Can someone explain to me which function I need to use, I have already seen "Bridge", QinQ and DOT. However I could not get a good idea which to use.
    VLAN4(ITV), VLAN6(Internet) and VLAN7(phone)

  • I might need to rephrase the question since I got no answer so far.

    Is it possible to forward a tagged VLAN (7) from WAN to an INTERNAL OPTx in pfsense?
    And if so, how?
    I have looked in QinQ and Brdige, but that did not work so far…

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