Unable to ping from remote site to Pfsense , but connectivity is working fine

  • Dear All ,

    I have created a site to site VPN with forigate and Pfsense using dyanamic dns . Tunnel is UP connectivity is fine . I can access remote desktops from both end but i cannot ping from fortigate site to Pfsense firewall and pfsense local lan network but i can ping from pfsense to fortigate .

    Created rule in LAN WAN Ipsec Any to any

  • Do a traceroute (tracert on Windows) between clients on either end. See where it stops responding, and then look at that device. e.g. maybe the Fortigate is not passing ICMP from clients on its LAN, or is not routing ICMP across the VPN…

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    You can't ping pfSense by default as you can't ping most firewalls. It's one of the default firewall behaviors: "security by obscurity".

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    "It's one of the default firewall behaviors: "security by obscurity". "

    Blocking icmp would not fall to "security by obscurity"… Changing your ssh server to run on port 2222 would be an example that that.. Your still listening on ssh, just not on the standard port trying to hide.  Not allowing icmp would not be an attempt at obscurity.. Its something your not actively allowing

    I guess if you think doing such a thing "hides" you from the internet you could class it as obscurity ;)  But default out of the box pfsense and pretty much every firewall out of the block all unsolicited inbound on any port or protocol.. So I wouldn't call it an attempt at obscurity ;)

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